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Do you ever think why your vehicle jumps too much on speed bumps?
Or, why your vehicle bounces too much while braking?

We have the permanent solution

The Car Stabilizer Pro is made to enhance the stability of your car and reduce all jerks.

Car stabilizer Pro provides the overall stability to your vehicle and elevates the drive experience. Designed specially to overcome problems during a rough drive through the bumpy and withered road conditions, CSP increases the proficiency and over all performances of your vehicle that gives you a stress-free journey.

Car Stabilizer Pro, the innovative product from Millenium Motocare, based in Kerala, India. After extensive testing and use since 2016, Car Stabilizer Pro was officially launched in 2020. Mr. Ayub HH, a passionate motor enthusiast and founder of the product, experienced firsthand the challenges of vehicle maintenance and recognized the lack of high-quality, affordable options available to customers. In response, he gathered materials and technology from various parts of the world to create Car Stabilizer Pro, specifically designed for Indian vehicles and roads. With a focus on quality and value, Car Stabilizer Pro offers customers an unparalleled driving experience.

Car stabilizer pro is a German technology-incorporated product with the raw material used being German synthetic rubber that provides significant cushioning to the ride. With over 8 years of extensive use in the market by over a whooping 6500 individuals in Kerala alone, car stabilizer pro comes with an unconditional 3 years replacement warranty and 10 years’ worth of longevity.

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Car stabilizer pro is the best Coil Spring Buffer manufactured with the vision of providing a permanent solution to all our valued clientele to resolve any issues with respect to onroad vehicle performance! The founders are trusted and renowned personnel with decades of expertise and technical know-how in the automobile field. 

Increase Stability

CSP increases your driving confidence & comfort by providing more stability to your steering controls

Reduce Vibrations & jerks

CSP increases your driving confidence & comfort by providing more stability to your steering controls

Increase Ground Clearence

CSP increases your driving confidence & comfort by providing more stability to your steering controls

Stable Cornering

CSP increases your driving confidence & comfort by providing more stability to your steering controls


Stable Cornering

CSP helps in stabilizing the vehicle during sudden cornering and at the sharp turns making it least strenuous for both vehicles and passengers by reducing the leaning process of the vehicle. 

Increase Ground Clearance

Car  Stabilizer Pro protects the car from colliding on any type of Speed Breakers, Potholes, and Rough Roads, and thereby, it saves the bottom of the car from scrap. 

Reduce Shakes & Vibrations

Extensive and continuous shaking and vibrations usually result in premature wear and tear your vehicle. CSP shares the pressure of the coil springs and improves the longevity of your vehicle’s performance and helps in saving the frequent maintenance cost. 

Decrease Braking Distance

During sudden braking Car stabilizer pro decreases the breaking distance by increasing road grip and landing force of the tyres. 

Reduce Noise

CSP resolves the noise issues of your car that could be quite irritating at the time of driving.

Increased Suspension Life

Car Stabilizer pro increases the suspension life by sharing it’s pressure and enhancing its durability. It protects shock absorbers and suspension systems to avoid oil leak. It also solves the problems of springs’ weakness during heavy load effectively. 


CSP reduces the body roll of SUV cars.


of customers trust


unconditional replacement warranty

Customer Testimonials

"Remarkable difference is visible, especially through rough roads and speed bumps"
"Suspension is feeling smoother than before and reduced noise with more driving comfort."
"Reduced jerks and bounce back and more driving comfort. Thank you for the wonderful product."
"After installing car stabilizer pro, stability has also increased much, especially at the turns with high speed."
Director, Amana toyota
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