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Car stabilizer pro is the best coil spring buffer that is designed as a variable rate spring to improve the load-bearing capacity as and when it gets compressed. Additionally, these coil spring buffers provide vehicle cushioning.

If you are a vehicle owner, you will know that driving comfort, load-bearing capacity and precise handling are key characteristics that you require for a superior driving experience. Car stabilizer pro or CSP does exactly this for your vehicle! 

The working principle behind car stabilizer pro is that it comes boxed as a set of 4 German technology-incorporated  Premium Quality silicon rubber Buffers. These 4 coil spring buffers are to be installed between the four coil springs of each of their shock absorbers. The size of the CSP depends on the size of the coil spring. Once installed, the shock absorber takes in the impacts from the road bumps and thereby reducing shakes, and body rolls, and also prevents under-part damages to your vehicle .

Configuration and Product Overview

Our Coil Spring Buffers comes in 5 different variations, namely B1 through B5. The right size of coil spring buffers for your vehicle is based on the size of the coil spring of your vehicle.


Car stabilizer pro makes you feel that you have just got your vehicle upgraded! In addition to a prolific driving experience, the advantages that one can leverage also include improved ground clearance, a smooth turning of the vehicle on curved roads, stable cornering, shortened braking distance, etcetera.


With car stabilizer pro, one can leverage the following benefits out of a wide array of advantages that the product offers:

  • Improved Comfort And Safety: The CSP employs a German-incorporated technology in the manufacturing which ensures a smooth and hassle-free driving experience, also ensuring safety, especially when you are on long overhauls or traversing through harsh road.
  • Easy Installation: car stabilzer pro can be easily installed within a span of fewer than 15 minutes. Based on the suspension type, the right size of the product can be chosen and installed. Our specialists are technicians who do the installation in no time at your convenience.
  • Stable Turning: Car stabilzer pro helps with body rolling, by controlling suspension mobility, and making smooth turns even on curvy roads. This works wonders with vehicles that have softer suspensions such as SUVs.
  • Improved Ground Clearance: As it results in a difference of about 30mm or 1.5 inches approx on the coil springs once the car stabilizer pro is installed, it prevents the springs to vibrate and also from making noises even on roads with continuous bumps/ speed-breakers/ raised surfaces. The ground clearance is said to be improved by around 60%.
  • Reasonable Costs With High-Quality Product Offering: A significant amount of benefits are leveraged with the use of our Coil Spring Buffer  as compared to other similar products in the market. The product is renowned to have crossed a period of 8 years since its employability in the market.
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